bistecca fiorentina

Foodies in Florence

Cuisine inspired tours for the blind and visually impaired

Visitors to Florence will want to take the time to discover much more than the city’s famed monuments! And it’s safe to say that foodies who take a trip to the Tuscan capital won’t be disappointed. Some of Florence’s most famous specialties include ‘ribollita’, ‘bistecca’ and ‘lampredotto’. To learn more about local foods, visitors can take a tour of Florence’s historical restaurants.

The tours, designed for the blind and visually impaired, include audio-volumes based on Leonardo Romanelli’s book ‘Pappa e Ciccia’ and ‘Cucinare con il cuore’ the cookbook by Benedetta Vitali. These audio-guides are part of a far-reaching project called ‘Florence: the pleasure of discovery’ launched by the publishing company Aida, in collaboration with UICI (Italian Union for the blind and visually impaired with contributions from the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and the tourist board.
Thanks to this unique tour, foodies will have the chance to discover typical trattorias, historical cafes and top notch pastry shops. Florence is not just a city of the arts, it’s a place where cuisine takes a top spot in making one’s stay unforgettable. 
An astonishing city of art, fashion and tradition
If you are visiting Tuscany you cannot miss Florence. The Renaissance city is a treasure trove of art with an astonishing contemporary vibe. Beyond the extraordinary artistic heritage, a testimony to its centuries of civilization, the best way to enjoy Florence is to stroll along the riverside avenues at sunset, or to get lost among the city’s myriad alleyways of the bohemian Oltrarno or the ...