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Garfagnana map


A land rich in history and unspoiled nature to be discovered

The Garfagnana is rich in history and unspoiled nature—it is an area waiting to be discovered, located between the Apuan Alps and the Appennine Alps and traversed by the river Serchio. It is a fascinating land of chestnut woods, small ancient villages, beautiful nature and unique places like the Grotta del Vento and the Orecchiella nature reserve.

The main city is Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, whose origins date back to the year 740. The area is distinguished by its many bridges. Worth a visit are small villages Camporgiano, Gallicano, Piazza al Serchio, Pieve Fosciana and Villa Collemandina.

There are many towns along the side of the mountain that have gorgeous views, like San Pellegrino in Alpe, for example, where the eye takes in everything from the Libro Aperto peak to Mount Giovocui where we find the Don Luigi Pellegrini Ethnography Museum.

The center of the upper valley is the town of Piazza al Serchio. One of the area's distinguishing features are the “Doglioni”, imposing cones of volcanic material that emerge from the riverbed. The highest point in Tuscany is in the Garfagnana - Mount Prado, which rises 2,054 m high. The highest city is Giuncugnano (885 m), a town crowned by the Apuan Alps and surrounded by chestnut groves, oaks and beech trees.