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Memorial Museum in Borgo a Mozzano


The permanent traces of history in the Mid Serchio Valley collected in the museum dedicated to the Gothic Line

Theatre of a thousand bloody battles and civil massacres during the Second World War, the Mid Serchio Valley still shows the traces at the Memorial Museum, located in the historic center of Borgo a Mozzano, the town on the banks of the Serchio river also known for the prestigious Devil's Bridge.

The museum, created on the initiative of the Committee for the Recovery and Enhancement of the Gothic Line of Borgo a Mozzano and recently renovated and redeveloped by the municipality, is mainly dedicated to the history of the barrier fortified by the Germans from September 1944 to April 1945, breaking Italy in two parts.

The Memorial Museum is made up of two sections: the first is an archaeological collection of objects documenting the ancient history of the Serchio Valley; the second focuses on war events during the Second World War and the construction of the Gothic Line. In addition, voice recordings, artefacts and posters of the time are collected there. The aim of the museum is to let people known the history of the country, to connect with what was the daily life of people at that time and to raise awareness on the tragedy of war conflicts.

In addition to the Memorial Museum, it is possible to visit some of the sites of the Gothic Line of the Borgo a Mozzano barrage, which stands out for the high number and good state of conservation of the fortified works, also due to its strategic position, as it is protected by the Apuan Alps and by the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Here, in fact, the Gothic Line has kept its original features: bunkers, pitches, walkways and anti-tank valleys.

Some itineraries can be traveled individually, others preferably accompanied by guides, bookable together with the visit of the museum, so as to get to know the local history and at the same time enjoy breathtaking landscapes and views.