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Photo © Fondazione Giovanni Pascoli
Photo © Fondazione Giovanni Pascoli

Giovanni Pascoli House Museum in Barga


In the hamlet of Castelvecchio, you can visit the poet’s residence

Castelvecchio di Barga was the chosen home of the poet Giovanni Pascoli when he went in search of a residence that could guarantee quiet and rest for his poetry inspiration and literary activity. He moved there in 1895 with his sister Maria and dog Gulì, renting the country villa that belonged to the Cardosi-Carrara family, which he later bought in 1902.

This is where the poet spent the most tranquil years of his life, until his death on April 6, 1912; it is where his most successful collections of poetry were written: Primi Poemetti (1897), Canti di Castelvecchio (1903) and Poemi Conviviali (1904). After the poet’s death, his sister Maria took care of the home for 40 years, faithfully preserving the structure, furnishings and arrangement of the spaces. Only after her death on December 5, 1953 did the house, left to the Municipality of Barga in her will, undergo restorations and modernizations, like the installation of the electrical lighting system.

The building, declared a national monument and which is today a house museum open to the public, is three stories tall and surrounded by a vegetable garden and a garden. It hosts a chapel where the great poet is laid to rest beside his sister Maria.


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