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Barga and Puccini


The calendar of events for the Puccini Centenary in Barga

That of Barga and Puccini is a relationship that comes from afar and on the centenary of the Maestro's death finds full consecration thanks to the rich program of events: concerts, shows, presentations and exhibitions pay homage to the art and musical genius of the Maestro from Lucca and at the same time retrace Puccini's relationship with Barga, making particular reference to his connection with Giovanni Pascoli, with whom relations were frequent, as is also shown by the documents preserved in the Giovanni Pascoli House Museum in Castelvecchio Pascoli.

Among the scheduled events:

  • March 19
    9 p.m., Library Gli Incartati - Fornaci di Barga
    "Giacomo Puccini si racconta nel centenario della sua morte" (Giacomo Puccini tells his story on the centenary of his death)
  • April 5
    9 p.m., Teatro dei Differenti (Theater of the Different)
    "L'altro Giacomo" (The other Giacomo) by and with Renato Raimo
  • April 16
    6 p.m., City Chambers - City of Glasgow
    "Concert Puccini Rhapsody”
  • April 27
    9 p.m., Teatro dei Differenti
    “Rosa Antico: le donne di Puccini” (Antique Pink: Puccini's women)
  • July 11
    9 p.m., Volta dei Menchi
    presentation of the book "Giacomo Puccini: familiari, amici, amori" (Giacomo Puccini: family, friends, loves) by Giampiero Della Nina
    the event is part of the Festival "Tra le righe di Barga" (Among the lines of Barga)
  • August 10
    9 p.m., garden of Pascoli House
    Evening tribute to Pascoli dedicated to Giacomo Puccini

Moreover, conferences, which involve Barga Jazz Festival, and music and concerts are also scheduled.

The Foundations of the area organize the exhibitions:

  • April 6 - 7
    Pascoli House Museum
    “Carte d'Artista - Itinerario tra i documenti pucciniani conservati presso l'Archivio di Casa Pascoli" (Papers of Artist - Itinerary among Puccini documents preserved at Pascoli House Museum Archive)
  • May 4 - August 31
    Pascoli House Museum
    "Note ai margini - Puccini e Pascoli" (Notes in the margins - Puccini and Pascoli), painting exhibition

Some of the events will have free entrance, some will have a fee.