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Orrido di Botri

Naturalistic attractions

The spectacular natural canyon in the Serchio Valley

Among the many natural wonders that Tuscany preserves intact, the Orrido di Botri stands out for its beauty and unique landscape. It is a true natural canyon, carved over the millennia by the flow of the Pelago Torrent, with high walls, deep gorges, waterfalls and small inlets of water.

Included in the Nature Reserve of the same name managed by the Carabinieri Biodiversity Department of Lucca, the Orrido is located in the municipality of Bagni di Lucca and can be reached from Montefegatesi by a stretch of dirt road or more conveniently by following provincial road 56 to Tereglio.

Tours start from Ponte a Gaio, the only access to the gorge where the ticket office is located. By renting a protective helmet, you can go up the course of the Pelago River for a wide stretch:

  • La Guadina, first narrowing of the riverbed, is reached in about 30 minutes (route length 80 m).
  • Prigioni, second narrowing of the riverbed, is reached in about 45 minutes (route length 500 m).
  • Salto dei Becchi, third narrowing of the riverbed, is reached in about 1 hour and 20 minutes (route length 1000 m).

From this point on, the trail becomes challenging with equipped sections and ends at the Pool. The authorized route stops at the Salto dei Becchi (Jump of the Beaks).

In the Orrido di Botri
In the Orrido di Botri

The Reserve is open to the public from mid-June until mid-September, subject to weather conditions. Admission is prohibited for children under 4 years of age and children under 12 years of age unless accompanied. The maximum number of daily entries is 300 people.

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