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Orrido di Botri

Learn about the flora and fauna of an enchanting natural cave near Lucca

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Bagni di Lucca

If you love nature and want to experience an amazing canyon here in Italy, then check out a hidden place in the Serchio Valley. Its name is Orrido di Botri and you’ll find it near Bagni di Lucca: a strikingly harsh calcareous cave with steep walls deeply by the cold waters of the Rio Pelago torrent.

It is an extremely narrow valley and originated by tectonic movements.  The Orrido di Botri is a wild location for rare animals, such as the golden eagle and the wolf.

The Orrido di Botri Nature Reserve was founded in 1971 to safeguard 286 hectares and is managed by the State Forestry Corps, the office that protects the Biodiversity in the territory of Lucca.

Orrido di Botri
Orrido di Botri - Credit: Rik & Ste

Tours start from Ponte a Gaio, which provides the only access to the gorge, where you can find the visitors’ centre and the ticket office. The reserve is open from June to September and you must wear a helmet. To reach the canyon, you follow the river bed with a guide: the longest route goes up to Piscina (approx. 4 hours walk). 

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