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Viareggio, spring by the sea

The market headquarters, the pine wood stories, and the dolphins

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The spring brings with it a lot of influences. Whether it's a desire to breathe in new places or rediscover the ones that are already in your memory. It is the season of newness, the sensation of tasting a succulent fruit. It's about living. The springtime months take you to the sea to take a walk on the shoreline, and you have never wanted to bask in the warm sun more than anything. The salt that sticks to your skin is a reconnect with nature. In these days, with the perfume of the flowers that begin and circulate the air, when the “libeccio” arrives in the city and Il Tirreno is waiting for you. You can’t find a reason not to take your car and run alongside the sea, alongside Viareggio. Versilia is already one of the most beloved springtime locations, easily accessible by car and well connected by the network of highways. You can get there in just an hour from Florence, and earlier from Prato or Pistoia. From Pisa, instead it is a walk, the two cities are already confined by the historical streets of the Aurelia highway.

Viareggio, beyond the myth of the 17th century, loved for the nature of blood, sincere, authentic. For its thousands of faces that surprise you when you decide to discover it slowly, and it seems as if you are in an open theatre. You are immediately drawn to its world of color, the intense perfumes, of the voice of the people, and the jargon of the local dialect- fun and simple.

One of the zones is an absolute representation of this world or way of being: the Market, the center where you can go shopping but also immerse in the most intense flavors of the local cuisine. It is definitely a unique experience to eat in the fish restaurants. Viareggio is one of the most well known for its anchovy, a fish food where they cook the fruits of the Tyrrhenian Sea. A very short chain. The sea that always seems to smell of the fragrant smell of fried sugar and spaghetti sauce. Why? The classic marinara with seafood sauce is one of the cult, the trabaccolara. Do not miss the fish soup on Friday. It is ecstasy for all senses. Lovers will love the simplicity of the market in Viareggio, the chance to have lunch or dinner until 12 on plastic tables with tablecloths the color of the sea.


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If we remain in the terms of taste, there is always Salumeria Triglia under the arches, one of the oldest businesses that produce the artisan salami of Gombitelli, sold since 1797. Gombitelli is a small fraction of the Comune of Camaiore, a small kilometer from Viareggio. A small isolated country that is reached by a winding road that climbs between pines and chestnuts, kilometers of road that capture the plain and in the distance, the sea. Here, the Mullet family, as the local Delis do, produce many other types of traditional foods that you can enjoy on your stay in Veersilia. Among these are the bridilo and brawn, poor but tasty, the butter and the precious cream of red butter, delicate and spicy, or even the institutional sausages of Gombitelli. Spread on bread or eat from the grill, great for sauces or stews with beans.


After a filling lunch, you can take a walk to Pineta, a place of relaxation but also for entertainment, ideal for everyone. For those who love to stand on a bench and read a good book or for those that want to spend some time renting a bicycle or walking on trails through the countryside, near the sea, or for those who want to play tennis, away from the sun.

Then there is the sea. A beautiful visit not only from the beach but also by boat. The panorama in which you can enjoy taking in the blue, flat, calm water, that is incredibly fascinating. And on certain days, you can see dolphins. There are the Apuan Alps, which form the immense theatre. To go here is to go to a show of nature whose colors and emotion capture and surprise you each time. Every spring you can discover the surprise of Viareggio. More than you think.


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Getting to Viareggio: 

By car - Strada Statale 1 Aurelia (Roma-Ventimiglia) Autostrade: from the south: A1 (Autostrada del Sole) as far as Florence, then A11 (Firenze/Mare) to the Viareggio exit; A12 (Genova Rosignano) to the Viareggio exit; da nord: A1 (Autostrada del Sole) as far as Parma, then A15 (Autostrada della Cisa) to Santo Stefano Magra, then A12 (Genova-Rosignano) to the Viareggio exit.

Website: Autostrade per l'Italia

By train - Lines: Ventimiglia-Turin-Genoa-Pisa-Rome; Milan-Livorno; Viareggio-Lucca-Montecatini-Pistoia-Prato-Florence. For all of these lines, take the train to Viareggio.

Website: Trenitalia

By plane- Viareggio is easy to get to from Pisa's G. Galilei airport (22 km) by public transport, as well as from Florence's A. Vespucci airport (95 km).

Website: Galilei di Pisa Galilei Airport

Website: Florence Airport

By boat Viareggio's tourist port is one of the best equipped in Italy

Website: Viareggio port

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