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Off on an adventure

Visit the old railway of the Murlo mine

Map for 43.168716,11.391039

Departure point: the Murlo mines
Arrival point: the Murlo mines
Time: 1 day
Level of difficulty: easy

This route is of naturalistic and geological interest. It departs from the old coal mine of Murlo and runs along the abandoned railway which boasts two daring bridge crossings over the Crevole torrent. During the journey, you will soon come to a tiny village called La Befa. From here, go through San Giusto and the friendly hamlet of Olivello. Then, descend once again into the mining town of Murlo. This 13-km route has all the ingredients of adventure. Entire families will enjoy the abandoned railway, the semi-deserted village and the torrent with the its suspension bridge. The trail is well-marked and equipped for picnics. There aren’t any bandits! Make sure to bring your children with you. With their imagination, this excursion could become an adventure full of fun and lasting memories.