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Pinocchio Park
Photo © Studio 54
Photo © Studio 54

Pinocchio Park

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In Collodi, a journey to the Land of Toys

Pinocchio Park is located in Collodi, the town where Carlo Lorenzini spent the carefree years of his childhood together with his family, and which he loved so much that he chose to change his name to Carlo Collodi.

It’s here that the writer invented his famous classic children’s tale, The Adventures of Pinocchio, and today adults and children alike can jump into the fairy tale by visiting Pinocchio Park.

Statue of the Blue Fairy inside the Park
Statue of the Blue Fairy inside the Park - Credit: Sailko

Opened in 1956, Pinocchio Park is the ideal place for a day with the family, where you can while away the hours surrounded by greenery, art and architecture and introduce your children to the Italian fairy tale beloved world-round.

The park’s route unfolds through the garden and traces the events narrated in the book through works of art, like the sculpture of Pinocchio and the Fairy by Emilio Greco or the sculptures by Pietro Consagra, including the Carabiniere, standing wide over the walking path, or the Cat and the Fox.

Mosaic Square by Venturino Venturi
Mosaic Square by Venturino Venturi - Credit: Art Studio 54

Mosaic Square by the artist Venturino Venturi is splendid, while the Terrible Dogfish by Augusto Piccoli is a gigantic version of the famous whale that first swallows Geppetto and later Pinocchio: children can go inside and climb up to the top of the installation, where they can get a magnificent view of the whole Park.

Pinocchio Park