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Amiata Freeride
Photo © Carlo de Santi - Amiata Freeride
Photo © Carlo de Santi - Amiata Freeride

Amiata Freeride


The Amiata Bike Park, a paradise for mountain bike lovers

If you want to explore Amiata in a sustainable and funny way, the best way to do it is by mountain bike.

On the slopes of the now extinct ancient volcano you can find one of the havens for two-wheelers: the Amiata Freeride: one of the largest bike parks in central Italy, open from spring until autumn.

There is no shortage of fun for adults and children alike!

The paths

Immersed in the beautiful Amiata beech forest, you will find MTB trails for all tastes and disciplines, accessible by purchasing a single "bike pass". From adrenaline-pumping slopes downhill and enduro trails to mountain bike circuits in the rings of the upper part of the mountain.

Download the pdf map here.

Ski lifts and shuttles

All the slopes can be reached comfortably thanks to mechanized ski lifts or shuttles. You can therefore have fun walking along the different paths according to your level of ability.

The other services offered

You don't feel completely safe on two wheels? No problem! In the Macinaie area there is a Bike School, equipped with all the necessary facilities to learn all the driving techniques, thanks to the instructors who will teach you how to ride the Mountain Bike correctly, always with an eye on respecting the environment and safety. You can choose between private or group lessons.

Furthermore, small kids can learn basic techniques in the Fun Park while the Jump Area Bike School welcomes beginners, but also those who already are at an advanced stage and want to improve their jumping skills.

And if you are adventurous, you can have fun with the Bike Tours, led by expert guides on two wheels, which will allow you to explore the whole mountain.

Visit the official website for more information.