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Parco Acqua Santa - Chianciano Terme

Go on a healing holiday at Siena's top spas

Relaxation and wellbeing

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With the arrival of autumn comes the countdown to the end of the summer and the holiday season. Sad? Well, don’t be. Returning to the old routine might seem tough, but it also offers a fantastic new beginning!

Making the most of the first long autumn weekends, seize the opportunity to go for a drive (or take the train, plane or whatever transport you prefer) to spend time in the wonderful world of Tuscany, the hills of Siena, gentle and light-filled, dotted with delightful village bedecked in art and beauty. In essence, a much deserved relaxing break at the spa.

Did you know that Tuscany is actually known as the “the land of spas in Italy”? Yes, it’s true, and its reputation is well founded. The Siena area holds the record, with nine spa resorts suited to all needs in the midst of its famous “crete”, sprinkled among picturesque Etruscan, Medieval and Renaissance towns, now UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as San Gimignano, Pienza, the whole of the Val D’Orcia, and Siena itself. It is important to point out that the spas that form part of these old structures are nothing like the spas you find in a city centre.

Well organized and professional, Siena’s spas offer a different spectrum of therapeutic benefits. Healing waters gush out of these spots. Minerals and clays are deposited, which boast extraordinary powers, put to superb use in an array of treatments, whether for medical or beauty purposes. This is why just one weekend spent in these places is more than enough to make you regain a forgotten glory, as well as the energy and relaxation that we all crave from time to time

The queen of Siena’s spa system is Chianciano Terme (www.termechianciano.it). With its famous, old establishment, which is also splendid from an architectural point of view, a brand-new spa centre was recently inaugurated in the Parco dell’Acquasanta. The “Terme Sensoriali” (sensory spas), which, while making use of this area’s healing waters, combine traditional treatments with more cutting-edge ones, promising extraordinary experiences able to touch both senses and spirit.

One way of toning both body and mind to regain balance and wellbeing, thanks also to a fruitful combination with Eastern Ayurvedic tradition.

For families with kids, try the nearby Terme di Montepulciano (www.termemontepulciano.it), The completely modern resort offers designated children’s areas, where young ones can play, have fun and have inhalation treatments suited to their age, while mum and dad can relax with traditional mud treatments, which are great for skin problems.

The distinctive qualities of these spa resorts is the fact that they are suitable for people of all ages, offering the best treatments and sending you home feeling great. Like the Centro Termale Fonteverde (www.fonteverdespa.com), in the lovely medieval town of San Casciano dei Bagni, the farthest south of the spa area, and even closer if you’re travelling from Rome.

Declared by an American magazine as “the most beautiful spa in Italy”, Fonteverde offers the best you could ever want from a spa, with a 5-star resort next to the bathing establishment, which stands out with a stunning seventeenth-century Medici portico.
All around enjoy the splendour of the Val D’Orcia with its unforgettable views.

Let’s not forget that the Siena area is world-famous for its wines, oil, meat and cured “salumi”.

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