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Giglio Island in the Tuscan Arcipelago: travel tips

How to get there, what to see and do, recipes and events

Where's Giglio Island?
Arcipelago Toscano map
Arcipelago Toscano map - Credit: Afnecors, CC BY-SA 3.0
How to get there?
Giglio Island from a ferry
Giglio Island from a ferry - Credit: Marta Mancini
Can I drive a car there?
What to see: Giglio Porto
Giglio Porto
Giglio Porto - Credit: Marta Mancini
Giglio Castello
Giglio Castello
Giglio Castello - Credit: Simonetta Viterbi
Giglio Campese
Giglio Campese
Giglio Campese - Credit: Shutterstock / praiadotofo8400
Scuba diving spots
Food and wine
The main events
In this area
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