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Mount Calamita and the Capoliveri Mines

By bike through the National Park of the Calamita Mines, with a glance at the sea

Along this itinerary we will enter and explore the Parco Nazionale delle Miniere di Calamita (National Park of the Calamita Mines), with a 360-degree glance at the Tyrrhenian Sea, including colors of nature, moonscapes, taste and mining tradition.

From the town of Capoliveri we ride along Via Luperini in the direction of the mines traveling through a wide and scenic road on the plain. The route is more vivacious at the junction for the spiaggia dell'innamorata (beach of the woman in love), home of the reenactment of the legend of the betrothed Elbani on July 14, where you go down to the sea to take the old iron road and cross the first Calone mining site, the pirate beaches as far as the Museo della Vecchia Officina (Old Workshop Museum).

The loop-shaped route then leads us to the Cantina delle Ripalte (Ripalte Cellar) to taste typical wines and traditional sweets. The tour continues toward the Ginevro underground mines and the wild beaches on the eastern coast to return to the village, thus closing the loop of mount Calamita.


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