Isola d'Elba

Elba Island: in the footsteps of the Etruscans

A journey through the history and the culture of an ancient and mysterious people

The Etruscan population settled on the island as early as the seventh century BCE, however there are few traces of their settlements since their clay constructions have not resisted the passage of time.


While the villages themselves have disappeared, the nearby necropoli—which are still in existence—are witness to the ancient settlements at Portoferraio, Monte Castello in Procchio, and Castiglione di San Marco in Portoferraio.


There used to be a fortress on SantaLuciaMountain which was rebuilt by the Pisans, and a temple possibly dedicated to Tinia on Mount Serra in Rio. There are also still signs of iron mining in this area: ancient mining sites, since transformed into archeological sites, and an island which was completely deforested by workers who used the wood to make fires for the fusion process, but which is now covered with new growth.



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