The Civic Archeological Museum in Marciana

An array of Archeological artifacts from Elba Island

The Civic Archeological Museum in Marciana is in the Palazzo del Pretorio (built in the seventeenth century) and is home to many fascinating archeological artifacts found on Elba Island. It includes a prehistoric section, an Etruscan section, an area dedicated to the documentation of the local use of granite and a section about the shipwrecks in the Procchio bay. Many of the archeological artifacts come from the sites of various ancient settlements in Monte Giove, Madonna del Monte and the Etruscan fort at Monte Castello di Procchio.

Four bronze axes were found in the Gneccarina Valley of Chiesi and some objects (including a gorgeous ivory container for perfume) dating to the end of the 2nd century, were found inside the wreck of Procchio, a Roman-era ship sunk right on the island. 


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From under Monte Capanne rises this charming village, the oldest on Elba Island
Marciana is situated on the slopes of Mount Capanne on the west side of the Island of Elba at 375 meters above sea level. It is one of the most ancient settlements on the island, its foundations dating back to 35 BC. The Archaeological Museum in Marciana gives evidence to its very ancient past. The vegetation is rich: there are ilexes, pine and chestnut trees. ...