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Palazzo Vecchio vaults
Photo ©Josh Krancer

Easter in Florence: special openings at museums!

Here is a brief guide to museums opening times during these next Easter holidays in Florence

Spending the Easter holidays in Florence is a beautiful idea. If you are an art lover it's even a greater one! Maybe you know that there are many museums that are usually closed on Mondays and there are many others that could be closed on a holiday.

In order to help you make the most of your days and avoid the unpleasant experience of finding a locked door, here is a brief guide to museums opening times during these next Easter holidays in Florence.

Ercole & Caco sculpture and Uffizi
Ercole & Caco sculpture and Uffizi - Credit: Antonio Scaramuzzino

Happily, special openings have been scheduled and some of the main museums in town will be open both on Easter Sunday (Pasqua) and on Easter Monday (also known as “Pasquetta”!). Add to that the fact that in 2018 Easter coincides with the first Sunday of the month and with #Domenicaalmuseo, so that on April 1st state museums and archaeological sites in Florence will be open with free admission.

Uffizi Galleries, Accademia and other state museums

As regards the Uffizi Galleries network, on Easter Sunday the Uffizi Gallery, all the Palazzo Pitti museums and Boboli Gardens will be regularly open with free admission. On Easter Monday, the Uffizi Gallery and Boboli will open, while the Palazzo Pitti museums will be closed (more info: uffizi.it).

The Bargello Museum, the Medici Chapels and Palazzo Davanzati, all part of the Musei del Bargello network, will only be open on Sunday, also with free admission.

In case you would like to pay the David a visit and wish him a happy Easter, know that the Galleria dell'Accademia will be open both on Sunday (free admission) and on Pasquetta day.

Check out the complete list of the museums and villas that will open for free on Easter day on the official page of #Domenicaalmuseo.

Civic Museums (Palazzo Vecchio, Museo Novecento and more)

Palazzo Vecchio (Arnolfo Tower and Archeological Tour included), the Museo Novecento and the complex of Santa Maria Novella will open on both Pasqua and Pasquetta.

The Museo Stefano Bardini, the Brancacci Chapel and the Santo Spirito Refectory will open only on Easter Monday.

Last but not least, the Museo del Bigallo will host guided tours on both days, while the Museo del Ciclismo Gino Bartali will be closed both on Easter day and on Easter Monday.

Info: http://musefirenze.it

Duomo, Palazzo Strozzi and Villa Bardini

All the monuments of the complex of the Duomo (that is to say the Cathedral, the Cupola, the Baptistry, the Bell tower and the Crypt) and the Opera del Duomo museum will be closed on Sunday, but they will open on Pasquetta day. Anyway, keep in mind that on Easter morning the so called Scoppio del Carro, or explosion of the cart, will take place right in front of the Duomo. It's one of the most important traditional events in town, so consider attending the celebrations.

Last but not least, Villa Bardini with its beautiful garden, and Palazzo Strozzi, boasting the new exhibit Dawn of a Nation. From Guttuso to Fontana and Schifano, will be open both on Easter day and Easter Monday.

Well then, buona Pasqua and buona Pasquetta!

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