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Wine and Olive Oil Roads

Tuscany has many landscapes, many itineraries that are often unknown to the general public outside the classical tourist circuit. Road sign, an information point, a tasting center, an exhibition: these are what tells you that you are in the heart of one of the many territories of quality production in Tuscany. These are Tuscany's wine trails:  itineraries for the enjoyment of wine, olive oil and the flavours of Tuscany.
Tuscany's wine trails are an effective way of promoting our territory and its high quality agricultural and food products. At the same time they provide an opportunity for our farmers to offer the fruits of their labours in the best possible way: presenting them in their own setting, with the added value represented by a direct meeting with the farm environment.
This site is full of useful data for organizing marvellous itineraries that offer environmental, historical and cultural references of extraordinary significance. It is not only a useful instrument for tourists but also an incentive to explore and valorize these sites, to create new and alternative itineraries based on the insoluble bond between the territory and the excellence of its products.
Yet it is only a starting point: here you will find information on Tuscany's basic food philosophy but also practical indications for an unforgettable experience, in the hope that more and more people will come to explore and enjoy the region - to admire its art and its landscape, its culture and its agricultural products.
The contemporary
The network of wineries noted for their impressive architectural and design elements, all designed by leading masters of contemporary architecture
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Travel through the lands where the best Italian wines and olive oil are made.

Wine and Olive Oil Roads
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