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Le rose del chiostro di San Domenico

Museum of mural painting in Prato

The museum was established to protect damaged sinopites and frescos

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It is located in the San Domenico convent, which was built from 1283 to 1316. The convent, which has a beautiful Renaissance cloister (1478-1480), passed to the Franciscan Order in 1783. The museum was established to protect the damaged sinopites and frescoes that could not be returned to their original locations. It also conserves sacred furnishings from the San Domenico convent.

Among the noteworthy artworks are frescoes by Paolo Uccello, in the chapel of the Assunta in the cathedral (15th century); the sinopites of the Figline tabernacle by Agnolo Gaddi (1393-1395); the Ceppo tabernacle by Nicolò Gerini, (1391); a fresco of Christ with Angels by Baldassare Franceschini, known as il Volterrano (1650); and a relief by Giovanni d'Agostino (14th century).


Opening hours:
Holidays, weekends and weekdays, from 9am to 1pm; Friday and Saturday, from 9am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm; Closed on Tuesdays.


5 € (8 € cumulative ticket with the Museum of the Opera del Duomo and the Civic Museum); reduced 3€.


Disabled access: Partial (there is no elevator to reach the second floor)


Piazza S. Domenico 8
Prato (Prato)
Tel. 0574-440501



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