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Meat and fish

Mortadella di Prato IGP

The cured meat with historical origins from the Prato territory

Meat and fish
Municipalities of Prato, Agliana, Quarrata and Montale
Quality label
Associazione per la tutela della Mortadella di Prato IGP (Association for the Safeguarding of Mortadella di Prato IGP)

The origins of the mortadella di Prato IGP hail back to the 16th century. This traditional cured meat has always been the essential ingredient in Christmas tortellini fillings and is also one of the most beloved cold cuts.

This cured meat has a humble past. Its particularity is derived from the combination of spices and the addition of an ancient liqueur: alchermes, a spirit only used in desserts, such as the traditional pesche di Prato.

In the 1980s, the production and recipe were relaunched. While respecting ancient tradition, it was reintroduced as a lighter version, more suitable to today’s taste.

The mortadella di Prato IGP can be enjoyed lightly both warm and cold (either sliced or diced), and is well-paired with liver pate crostini and other appetizers typical of Tuscany.

The product

The mortadella di Prato consists of a mixture of pork meat, sea salt, garlic, spices and alchermes, which is stuffed and cooked. This meat is characterised by a deep and spiced aroma with a note of alchermes, which provides its typical dark red colouring.  The use of alchermes (a scarlet liquid dyed using a cochineal insect, referred to as “the dyer’s grain”) recalls the two ancient trades of ‘dyer’ and ‘butcher’.

Area of production

The mortadella di Prato IGP is produced and packaged in the province of Prato and the municipalities of Agliana, Quarrata and Montale (territories within the province of Pistoia).

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