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Le Galleraie baths

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Beauty and a rare sense of environmental balance are the distinguishing features of the area around Le Galleraie, located in the outskirts of Radicondoli, in the Siena province. The forest-rich landscape of Tuscany’s Metal-Bearing Hills overlooks fertile ground, where 29° waters flow from five different sources. These waters’ sulfate-bicarbonate-calcium properties are scientifically sound–so much so, in fact, that many treatments offered here are done so in agreement with the National Health Service. 


The thermal waters of Le Galleraie are used in therapies based on mud, bathing, inhalation, insufflation, and mineral water treatments. However, they’re also used in the physiotherapy, rehabilitation and general wellness sectors. The center, which was built in 1987 just to the side of the remodeled 19th century hotel, is organized in various departments focused on traditional thermal therapy, including dermatological treatments, natural medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

This is an efficient, pleasant establishment, where you’ll enjoy getting a treatment or just pampering yourself–you’ll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. We recommend staying at the hotel, since the property has such a historic charm and the staff is so welcoming. Here’s a fun fact: count Bulgarini d’Elci got this complex built in 1862. It has 27 rooms, 14 baths for treatments, 4 pools for dips and a small worship space.  


The entire complex is located in the center of the Carline nature reserve. Additionally, not far away from here, you’ll find charming medieval towns like San Gimignano, Volterra and Chiusdino, with the San Galgano Abbey.

The council of Radicondoli rises on the metalliferous hills that overshadow the Val di Cecina
The territory of Radicondoli is divided into numerous villages and its economy is based on the hot springs and a large number of agritourisms. In this council you can admire the Elci castle, the convent of St. Francis and the parish of St. Simon. ...