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Discovering hidden Tuscany: grottos and thermal baths

Evocative landscape and well-being

Discover caves, sinkholes, springs and blind valleys; you’re not on the set of a new Italian Gothic film; it’s the unusual landscape that’s waiting to be discovered by those who wish to investigate underground Tuscany. In fact, the above-ground marvels this region offers, often distract visitors from equally exciting subterranean touring spots. Visitors can discover over 270 kilometers of underground tunnels, characterized by no less than 1,597 natural grottos and stunning karstic landscape. 

You can start your outing from Monte Corchia, located along the Apuane Alps, near the source of the Frigido River, where you’ll find 60 kilometers of tunnels including the Paolo Roversi Abyss, the deepest natural structure of its kind in Italy (1,249 meters). The area’s three main caves are equipped to host tourists: don’t miss Grotta del Vento in Garfagnana as well as  Equi Terme Grottos in Lunigiana and Antro del Corchia in Versilia; these authentic ‘geological theaters’ will make your trip truly worthwhile.

While in the Grosseto area, don’t miss a trip to San Quirico di Sorano, where you can view ancient settlements, tombs and Etruscan villages, built within the tophus. Otherwise, take a trip out to Sovana’s tumulus, to see another part of the Grosseto area’s interesting landscape. Discover an Etruscan journey in the Tuphus City

Have you hiked for too long? Do you need a little R&R? Then stop in the Pistoia area at Monsummano Terme’s Grotta Giusti. It’s the third largest thermal resort in Europe and composer Giuseppe Verdi called it the ‘eighth wonder of the world’. Well-known for its natural Turkish baths, it’s divided into three Dantesque caves: Paradise (24°), Purgatory and Hell (34°): enjoy therapeutic thermal pools, waterfalls and hydro-massage facilities, a thermal wellness center, mud therapy, respiratory treatments and hydro-massage. The location is ideal for those who wish to find a bit of wellbeing amidst unforgettable stony landscape.

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