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San Casciano dei Bagni
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Free spas of San Casciano dei Bagni

Relax and wellness

An ancient village that has always been linked to its waters

San Casciano dei Bagni is a village nestled in the Valdichiana Senese and has always been known for its hot thermal waters.
Incredibly, the pools built by the ancient Romans are still largely usable and are located at the foot of the hill that encloses the medieval village: there are three pools - all accessible - of which the main one is made of stone and has a characteristic triangular shape.
Also in close proximity are a covered bathtub-washroom and a large catch basin that locals call caldagna.

Bronze statue - The Santuario Ritrovato
Bronze statue - The Santuario Ritrovato - Credit: Ministero della Cultura

To reach the free spas, you need to arrive at the entrance to San Casciano and take a small sloping road that goes as far as the bottom of the hill: once you down there, you will immediately see the unmistakable covered washhouse.
Continuing for about two hundred meters you will find the stone tubs of the free spas. This area is accessible only on foot.
Since Roman times, these natural baths have attracted numerous visitors, from the Emperor Augustus to many famous people: as a matter of fact, the area has always been characterized by the presence of this hot, sulfurous and salubrious water.
Considered a divine emanation by the Etruscans, used for spas by the Romans, in the Middle Ages this thriving tradition continued: by 1400 guests were already arriving from all over Europe to cure every ailment.
Today San Casciano dei Bagni, thanks also to the extraordinary discovery of the Santuario Ritrovato (Rediscovered Sanctuary), is one of the most popular spa village precisely because, in addition to the richness of the water, it gives a glimpse of its glorious and immortal past.

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