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Trip to Saturnia: tips for a wellness break in southern Tuscany

The thermal waters of Saturnia: regenerating the body and spirit in the splendor of nature for 3,000 years

Legend has it that Saturn, angry with men constantly at war with each other, took a lightning bolt and hurled it at the earth: thus, from the crater of the volcano, a vortex of sulfurous and lukewarm water was born. 
The scene of this legend is Saturnia, a village in the heart of Maremma where the water gushes out at a temperature of 37.5° C.

The various wellness experiences, ranging from immersion to the pursuit of physical and mental balance, draw visitors from all over the world and cater to various types of needs; in fact, there are two facilities that offer customized therapeutic and relaxing experiences and, just a few kilometers from Saturnia, a free thermal area where you can soak in peace.

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    The water of Saturnia
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    Saturnia thermal baths
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    Fonte Pura thermal baths
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    Cascate del Mulino

The water of Saturnia

Saturnia thermal baths
Saturnia thermal baths

For 3,000 years, uninterruptedly, Saturnia’s thermal water has been gushing out from within a natural crater on the slopes of Mount Amiata: the continuous exchange allows the water to keep its characteristics and therapeutic effects intact, without the need for any external manipulation.
The thermal water of Saturnia is sulfureous, carbonic, sulfated, bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy and is rich in sulfur, which stimulates basal metabolism, reduces water retention, reactivates capillary circulation and increases liver cell activity: this water, drunk on an empty stomach and in small doses, also facilitates digestive processes and positively affects gastrointestinal problems.
The water of Saturnia also exerts a natural exfoliating, cleansing and antiseptic action on the skin.
The thermal plankton in the water is formed in the spring and is an invaluable biogenic treasure rich in amino acids, sulfur, potassium and magnesium and endowed with extraordinary anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and regenerative properties.

Saturnia thermal baths

Saturnia thermal baths
Saturnia thermal baths

Located at the foot of the village, Terme di Saturnia Natural Destination is a place where everything is designed for true natural regeneration
The facility is carved out of an ancient travertine building that is mirrored in the thousand-year-old spring, surrounded by the beauty of the Tuscan hills.
With its open-air thermal pools, whirlpools and cold and hot water paths, Terme di Saturnia is definitely one of the largest resorts in Tuscany and is a true oasis of pure relaxation.
The Resort also includes rooms, restaurant, trattoria and an 18-hole golf course.

Fonte Pura thermal baths

Fonte Pura thermal baths
Fonte Pura thermal baths - Credit: Pagina FB Fonte Pura Saturnia

Built on the top of a hill overlooking the valley, Hotel Saturno Fonte Pura has a sulfur thermal pool fed by its own spring and is surrounded by a large garden with centuries-old olive trees.
The wellness center also offers numerous wellness treatments: traditional massage, holistic massage and stone massage, an ancient oriental technique that uses the properties of lava stones.

Cascate del Mulino

Mill Waterfalls
Mill Waterfalls - Credit: Viajando nuestra vida

On the road from Scansano to Manciano, just a few kilometers from Saturnia, sulfurous waters gush forth, creating inviting pools of hot water and small waterfalls, where you can spend hours of pure relaxation surrounded by the beautiful surrounding countryside.
The Cascate del Mulino (Mill Waterfalls), so named because of the presence of a very old mill beside the waterfalls, are open-air thermal baths with free access.
Recommended at any time of the year, they gain particular appeal in the cold season: with temperatures close to freezing, soaking in warm, cozy waters and benefiting from the therapeutic properties of the sulfur springs is one of the best ways to face the cold and enjoy a relaxing break.

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