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Lake Bilancino

Naturalistic attractions

A lakeside treasure trove of nature and the outdoors in the heart of Mugello

A vast expanse of serene, clear, deep blue fresh water embellishes the landscape of the valley north of Florence, Mugello, already rich in nature, history and art. Lake Bilancino, of artificial origin, is a stretch of water located in the municipality of Barberino di Mugello, which can be easily reached from the motorway exit. 

The lake was formed to increase the water supply in the Florence, Prato and Pistoia area and was inaugurated in the late 1990s. Today, it's a great seaside alternative to the beaches on the coast, where you can relax and do outdoor sports while immersed in lakeside nature

Its bathing shores offer refreshment facilities and well-equipped stalls, as well as beaches for free use, and it’s possible to go sport fishing, hire pedalos, sailing boats, windsurfs, canoes, kayaks and SUP boards for exciting excursions on the water. It’s also possible to rent bikes for a trip on two wheels overlooking the lake.

The reservoir is not only the perfect place for long days of relaxation and outdoor activities: its crystal clear and clean waters make it a precious habitat for many bird species. 

A real lakeside treasure trove of biodiversity protected by the WWF Oasis of Gabbianello, with the main objective of protecting fragile wetlands. The natural oasis is home to endless bird species of great naturalistic value such as the pink flamingo, the white stork, the crane, the wild goose, the black-winged stilt, various species of herons, including bitterns and ospreys. It’s also a true oasis for nature lovers, who can devote entire days to birdwatching, an exciting activity for the whole family. The Oasis of Gabbianello is temporarily closed.

Also home to various festivals and sporting events, Lake Bilancino is a haven for lovers of water sports and the outdoors.

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