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Mugello Circuit
Photo © Mugello circuit press office
Photo © Mugello circuit press office

Mugello Circuit


Tuscany’s automotive and motorcycle circuit

The Mugello racetrack is located in the municipality of Scarperia and San Piero, nestled among the hills of the Tuscan countryside. It was inaugurated in 1974, while a major renovation, which nonetheless maintained the configuration of the initial track, took place starting in 1988. It was at this point that the circuit was transformed into one of the most innovative and safest in the world.

All support structures were built using state-of-the-art technology. The track, which is over 5,000 meters long, has wide escape routes to allow the movement of emergency vehicles, thus ensuring maximum safety for both drivers and the public.

A regular venue for testing and trials of F1, the leading manufacturers in the MotoGP world championship and the Superbike world championship, the Scarperia racetrack has also hosted Formula 5000, Formula 3000, Formula Two, Fia-Gt and ITC. It is world famous for the Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix, which is usually held in June.

- Credit: PROPOLI87

Over the years, other renovations have been carried out: in 2007, for example, the main ticket office was modified to take the shape of a helmet; in 2011, a new central grandstand was inaugurated, characterized by a capacity of 4500 seats and a system of 3000 photovoltaic panels present on the top.

The Mugello International Autodrome has always distinguished itself in the enhancement of its facility from the point of view of sustainability by stimulating every possible action to reduce environmental impacts and, at the same time, enhancing the social and economic spin-offs produced by the events hosted.

Confirming the strong and concrete commitment to sustainable development, the racetrack achieved the highest score in 2021 in a ranking related to the level of sustainable management performance of 96 circuits in the world.

Autodromo del Mugello
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