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Sport and Adventure

From the seaside to the mountains, Tuscany is always the ideal destination for who dreams a vacation animated by sport and adventure, usually people who want to live in a deep contact with nature, to practise his favourite physical activity or even to discover a new one.

Let’s start with sea sports you can play here: surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, diving and many others… it’s impossible to get bored!

For country lovers riding a horse following the bridle tracks will make you discover the heart of Tuscany, far from the beaten path. But if you want to relax and see beautiful views choose the well-equipped golf courses.

Finally, mountains in Tuscany represent a heavenly sport location all year round: in winter you can ski and snowshoeing in the woods and when the weather is warm you can easily discover the best hiking paths through nordic walking. Live the excitement of riding the waves of frigid stream waters through rafting or descend the slopes getting the adrenaline of mountainbike free-riding.

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Sport, adventure and a lot of fun in Tuscany!

From the mountains to the coast, going through the countryside, Tuscany puts together sport and adventure activities in its amazing and ever-changing territories. Learn more about what the various areas can offer you.

Sport and Adventure
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