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Tips for a different Valentine’s day in Tuscany

Make it special!

Why do people love Valentine’s Day so much? Wait a minute: do they really love this celebration if it’s based only on gifts like chocolate boxes and roses?
Valentine’s Day can easily turn into something boring or even frustrating when its traditions turn monotonous. If we really want to celebrate a recurring event at its best, we should buy (or even donate) the only thing that really makes you richer: a trip!

As we all know Tuscany can represent THE ideal location for romantic trips, so close your eyes and start thinking about what the best option for you both could be. But don’t close them for too long… otherwise you won’t read what’s coming!

If you’re in the mood for walking and enjoying beautiful landscapes, immersing yourself in nature and maybe taking photographs with your partner, my suggestion is to choose one of the numerous legs of the Via Francigena, the ancient route that leads from France to Rome.

Travelling along these steps means taking in the sights of the incomparable artistic, cultural and religious heritage of Tuscan history. You just have to pick a segment of the route and walk along it, enjoying nature and slow living. For instance, you can take the third leg from Aulla to Sarzana (16.4 km) or the seventh leg that takes you from Lucca to Altopascio in 18.5 kilometers of easy walking. But if you want to see San Gimignano you should take the tenth leg that leads from Gambassi Terme up to there in only 13.4 kilometers.

In Tuscany there’s another beautiful, natural treasure: the Maremma National Park, which extends for 100 square kilometers. If we go north we’ll find a series of beaches with many different types of centuries-old plants that through the decades have constantly adapted to the sandy and salty area. From a naturalistic point of view, the Monti dell’Uccellina, the pine trees in Marina di Alberese, the mouth of the Ombrone river and the Trappola swamp form a precious mosaic of ecosystems, hardly touched by human hands. In the heart of Maremma you can also visit a beautiful hamlet and admire a lovely sunset from its heights. I’m talking about Semproniano.

If you like medieval villages you shouldn’t miss Anghiari in the Tiber Valley (also called Valtiberina) at only 30 kilometers from Arezzo. Considered to be one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, it has been awarded with an Orange Flag by the Italian touring club.

As an alternative, if you want to relax you should know that Tuscan indoor and outdoor spas offer thermal and healing waters, soft massages and perfumed candles, creating the perfect atmosphere for intimacy and romance.

Right along the Via Francigena, you’ll find Bagno Vignoni, at only 50 kilometers from Siena. At the centre of the village, in piazza delle Sorgenti, there’s a 49-metre-long rectangular basin of steamy water. You can’t actually bathe in it, but it’s a wonderful sight and evidence of the area’s past. Its thermal baths, in facts, were first enjoyed by the Romans and then became popular – due to their position – with Christian pilgrims who travelled towards Rome and used to stop there to rest.

Moreover, in the heart of the breathtaking Val d’Orcia, there’s Bagni San Filippo. In the province of Siena, not far from Monte Amiata, these natural thermal springs are on record since the Middle Ages, especially the “Fosso Bianco”, a white and calcareous stream that flows into many waterfalls and natural pools, some hot and some cold.

Last but not least, another ideal way to spend your Valentine’s Day in Tuscany is visiting a castle. Go to Fosdinovo, a medieval hamlet in Lunigiana, and visit the wonderful Malaspina Castle surrounded by the Apuan Alps.

Try also our “Love route itinerary” in Tuscany and discover many other places that fits for you.

Make your Valentine’s Day a day to remember!

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