Spa and Wellness

High quality facilities and natural hot springs for a relaxing and healthy vacation

If you could close your eyes and push away the overwork, the traffic, the pollution, the stress… it would be a desire for many, especially now that we’re living in modern times going faster and faster. But in Tuscany this is a dream that comes true: ask the tourists that every year choose this destination to escape the ordinary through a relaxing vacation at the thermal spas. 

This is a land full of naturalistic wonder, artistic treasures and delicacies for the palate, but there’s something more: Tuscany is famous for its natural springs whose waters, after having carved the rocks, flow aboveground and create natural pools in which you can plunge and restore your psychophysical balance.

For traditional cure and specialist treatments for body and soul, in line with the new tendencies, Tuscany today is the leader in Italy for its thermal baths already known from the ancient times and frequented by personalities like Maria Teresa of Austria, Napoleon and his sister Paolina, as well as some famous writers like Byron, Shelley and Montale.

Choosing your “spa and wellness” holiday in Tuscany means to sojourn in high quality facilities and holiday farms not far from art cities and trendy seaside locations, as well as naturalistic places like Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO world heritage site that used to inspire artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo. Thermal baths are also near to golf courses and shopping centres featuring the most prestigious international brands.

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