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Pisa is the "greenest" province of Tuscany

The hugest photovoltaic park in Tuscany has been built near Pisa. The park is composed by 15,600 photovoltaic panels and is settled on an area of more than 85 thousand square meters, like 9 soccer fields. It is able to produce 5 million kilowatt-hour per year, a power of 3.744 MWp, which is more less how 3,ooo families consume, and it will save the equivalent of 93.5 tons of petrol or 3,750 tons of CO2. "Sol Maggiore", the photovoltaic park's name, is a pun that plays on the word Sol, the note but also  Sun (Sole, in Italian), and Maggiore, referring to the music note and the real, big dimension of the field.Geotemia Tuscany really believes in sustainable energy and supports initiatives like "Sol Maggiore". Maybe you don't know that Larderello, one of the world's most productive geothermal areas, is in Tuscany (under Pisa's legislative and territorial point of view) and is exploiting the geothermal energy since 1904 producing 10% of the world's entire supply of geothermal electricity, powering about a million Italian households. Isn't this great news? :)