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Last days at the beach: where to go on the Tuscan coast

The most beautiful destinations for the end of summer

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There is still one month left of summer for vacations, sea and sun, and for enjoying the beautiful coast of Tuscany. From the Marina di Carrara to the Monte Argentario, read our recommendations of the top places to visit along a coast rich in tourist attractions.


First, we begin with the Costa Apuana, along which you can discover sandy beaches not far from the white marble mountains of the Alpi Apuane. The main beach resorts in the area, Marina di Carrara and Marina di Massa, are perfectly located for anyone who wants to take in the beautiful beach surroundings and mountain range. Hiking and mountain bike excursions are also possible, where you can visit the small Lunigiana villages that are rich in tradition and history.


We then move to the Versilia riviera, a land of fun and art. Here you can walk in the elegant Forte dei Marmi centre—filled with the most famous clubs in Italy and visited by many VIPs—or visit the exhibitions and cultural initiatives of Pietrasanta and the Festival della Versiliana, an outdoor festival overlooking the sea with various types of onstage performances. For a day of shopping, there is no better place than Viareggio in the beautiful setting of the seafront art nouveau buildings of trendy fashion stores. You can also lose yourself in the beautiful beach atmosphere of Camaiore, savouring the delicious local cuisine and taking part in the numerous events and happenings around town.


Moving towards the Marina di Pisa, Tirrenia and Calambrone, you’ll find a landscape of wild reserves and beautiful shores, away from the crowds and chaos and among the high dune and beach facilities. You can then head down to the pine forest of San Rossore, a nature reserve facing the Costa Pisana, a natural habitat protected for its importance and rarity.


Then there is the Costa degli Etruschi, where you can fall in love with the rich, vibrant colours of the coast of one of the most fascinating places in Tuscany. Here, history and landscape blend gracefully with each other, and is distinguished from the entire area from the promontory of Piombino to the Gulf of Baratti. In the Parco Archeologico di Baratti e Populonia, as you walk in the scenery of the Mediterranean, you can still find remnants of the ancient Etruscan cities of Baratti and Populonia. For a more romantic landscape, you can instead follow the streets Donoratico, Marina di Castegneto, and Marina di Cecina, which were the inspiration for many of Carducci’s poems. After, don’t miss Vada, a small jewel of white sand and crystal-clear sea.


Also noteworthy is Capalbio, Castiglione and the Monte Argentario, gems of the Maremma region. The small streets and dusty lanes lead to cliffs and hidden coves, where you can send your summer vacation. With rich, colorful backdrops and underwater caves, these areas are a paradise for divers, where you can live out a summer adventure you will never forget. Looking out from the promontory, you will see the extraordinary Lagoon of Orbetello, a beautiful meeting of sea and sky where you can lose yourself in a spectacle of nature without equal.


And finally, don’t forget the Arcipelago Toscano, as this is the best period to visit it: the beaches are less crowded and the temperature drop lets you participate in the incredible hiking itineraries. From the Isola d’Elba to the Isola di Capraia, there are countless trails were you can discover not only the hidden coves but also the ancient history of these pearls in the sea long loved by the Etruscans and the Romans.

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A promontory overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea stretches up to Giannutri and Giglio Islands. A peninsula only tied to Tuscany by two strips of land representing the richness and beauty of Orbetello Lagoon. ...
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