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Gaetano Pompa, Il Serpente Come Parte del Paesaggio, 1998
Photo © Archivio Gaetano Pompa
Photo © Archivio Gaetano Pompa



Artistic and musical interventions by contemporary artists in iconic locations

Hypermaremma is the festival of diffused art that from 2019 involves and transforms the Maremma, its unspoiled nature and its seaside villages, with a series of artistic (permanent or temporary installations) and musical interventions by contemporary artists, invited to relate to the territory and its history, landscape and atmosphere.

Indeed, the Festival's stated "mission" is: to pursue beauty in dialogue with the territory.

Among the temporary works in the 2024 edition:

March 30 - September 30
Beach of Feniglia (gate 2), Ansedonia
Davide Rivalta - "Gorilla"
An enormous bronze casting, a solitary presence destined to gradually reveal itself to visitors and bathers, to stimulate a random encounter between vegetation, humans and animals, evoking the evocative and wild atmosphere typical of the nature reserve that connects the promontory of Ansedonia to Mount Argentario. At the same time, a second work - "Scimpanzé" (Chimpanzee) - will live on the rocks near the remains of the Etruscan Port at the Tagliata di Ansedonia, to ideally connect the two accesses from the sea to the promontory. 

April 1
Forest of the agricultural estate Diaccialone, Pescia Fiorentina
Gaetano Pompa - "I bronzi del bosco Diaccialone" (The bronzes of the Diaccialone forest)
Gaetano Pompa, an emblematic figure of the 1960s and 1970s, he is an artist who has left an indelible imprint on the Maremma territory and most profoundly embodied its imagery. In collaboration with the Gaetano Pompa Archive, for one day only, a selection of 25 works, mostly in bronze, will be "hidden" in the evocative oak forest of the Diaccialone agricultural estate.