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Marina di Grosseto and Principina, beaches and sea by bike

A cycling touring route along the Grosseto coastline.

Long stretches of beach, clear water, and exceptional sunsets on a horizon where the major islands of the Tuscan archipelago stand out, make Marina di Grosseto and Principina Mare two of the main seaside resorts on the Maremma coast. Awarded Blue Flag status by the FEEE, the Grosseto coastline offers various historic and natural cues that we will discover as we ride along this route.

The Itinerary begins in Grosseto in the Gorarella district, from the Montanelli Velodrome at the Sandro Pertini Park. Via Arcidosso is the beginning of the pedestrian cycle path that will take us to Marina di Grosseto in just under 10 kilometers. As we travel along it, about five kilometers from Grosseto, special attention should be paid to the level intersection with the Poggiale provincial road (Provincial Road 131). Past the roundabout at the junction with the Collacchie provincial road (Provincial Road 158), we continue as far as Marina, on a beautiful bike path that winds sinuously under the shade projected by the maritime pines. From here the itinerary continues on ordinary roads in the hamlet's residential area, then along a section of the promenade along the Lungomare Leopold II of Lorraine. We are near the marina and already from the promenade we can appreciate the width of the beach separating us from the sea.

A relaxing stop at one of the many bathing establishments anticipates the departure towards Principina Mare. Going up Via Grossetana we enter Via del Tombolo and take the bridge over the San Rocco Emissary.

Near the bridge, on the right bank of the canal we find the Forte di San Rocco. The fortified complex was built by the Lorraine family in the second half of the 18th century on the site of a pre-existing structure with sighting functions. The fortress played an important role in controlling the coast and became, at the same time, a logistics base for hydraulic reclamation works directed by the engineer Leonardo Ximenes.

We walk along Via del Tombolo to the end, until we find the pedestrian cycle path that connects Marina to Principina through the grand ducal pinewood. Concrete cube pavement makes for smooth progress. Following the track and trail markings, we arrive directly at Viale Tirreno, Principina Mare's main walkway. A double bike-line on either side of the avenue and the extension of the 30 zone throughout the town make it easy to ride the avenue safely even in the summer months. The bike route extends all the way to the junction with Provincial Road 40 Trappola.


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