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Eremo Garmogna - Marradi

The Colla di Casaglia Mountain Pass

Ascending the Mugello mounts by bike

The Colla di Casaglia Mountain Pass is a long and high uphill cycling itinerary. It is also one of the lesser-known mountain routes for cycling tourists in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. The itinerary begins in Borgo San Lorenzo. On the road that circles the town, follow the signs and take the n.302 Brisighellese - Ravennate provincial road that leads to Faenza. Called the “100km Passatore”, this route is used in a traditional race that takes place every year, in the month of May.

Apart from an initial stretch with an inclination of 5-6%, the first kilometres of this itinerary are rather easy and allow cyclists to admire the beautiful surrounding mountainside of the Mugello area. Pass through the fraction of Panicaglia (3.7km; fountain on the right) and continue toward Ronta (7.3km), on a road that has a gentle inclination. Upon exiting the town (fountain on the left), there is a harsher stretch of uphill road, which then descends toward the town of Madonna dei Tre Fiumi (8.7km; 410m above sea level), where cyclists can stop to visit a sanctuary with the same name. The following 8km are difficult; cyclists travel through the narrow valley of the Ensa torrent, immersed in the surrounding woods. The inclination is rather constant, remaining between 5 and 7%, until reaching the fraction of Razzuolo (12.5km; 635m above sea level). Here, the road evens out and remains constant for about 100m (fountain on the right), yet when exiting the town the road then sharply climbs uphill (in correspondence with the cemetery) for six or seven kilometres (at 9-10% inclination).  
The road then evens out a little and the inclination remains constant at 6-7% until reaching the said mountain pass. About one kilometre from the pass is the Fonte dell’Alpe, a natural fountain boasting fresh, drinking water that is of the highest quality water in this part of the Apennines. The inclination falls over the next 500m until reaching the Colla di Casaglia Mountain Pass (16.5km; 913m above sea level). Here, you will find a bar and restaurant that is a popular rest stop with cyclists and motorcyclists. Continue for another 18km downhill toward Marradi. From here, you can return to Borgo San Lorenzo by travelling along the road to the Eremo and Muraglione Mountain Pass (100km; see Route 5, Variant 2), or travel toward the Palazzuolo sul Senio and the Sambuca Mountain Pass (82km), both routes of which are beautiful yet difficult.