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Rocca di Ripafratta

A tour of the plain around Lucca

Discover the rich variety of this region

first leg
The Apuan Hills (Colline delle Apuane)

Leave the city of Lucca and its impressive defensive walls behind and follow the river up through a hilly woodland area, full of oak trees and olive groves. There are many important farms hidden among the trees here, as well as small churches and votive chapels which mark the route of the ancient Versilia – Lucca road. The road eventually arrives at the castle of Nozzano.


The Pisan Mountains (Monti Pisani)

Go up from Ripafratta to the slopes of the Pisan Mountains along a route which goes through historical small towns, monumental villas and ancient places of worship, all surrounded by beautiful countryside and thermal springs. The panorama includes Mediterranean woodland, olive groves, chestnut woods and fields of cultivated flowers such as camellias.


The basin of Sesto Lake (Alveo del lago di Sesto)

From up at Castelvecchio it’s possible to admire the whole of the area once occupied by Sesto Lake. The lake was drained a century ago and transformed into the fertile Lucca plain. Many traces of the past are still present today, such as the fields of sweet corn, the poplar trees planted along the hilltop ridges and the tortuously winding roads which follow what was the banks of the lake and the ancient Roman roads.


The Luccan Apennine Hills (Colline lucchesi dell’Appennino)

From the hill of Montecarlo, the route winds its way through the hills around Lucca. There’s much to see, such as the aristocratic Mercanti villas with their unique architecture and elaborate parks, the Medieval churches on the ancient wayfarer’s routes and the terraced olive groves and vineyards. This tour takes in not only art, but also traditions, culture and excellent local cuisine.

Art and Culture