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Porta Santa Maria

Porta Santa Maria
Porta Santa Maria - Credit: Allan Parsons

San Frediano Church

San Frediano Basilica
San Frediano Basilica - Credit: Andrew-M-Whitman

Anfiteatro Romano

Piazza Anfiteatro
Piazza Anfiteatro - Credit: Modes Rodríguez

Torre Guinigi

Torre Guinigi
Torre Guinigi - Credit: linearclassifier

San Michele in Foro and Piazza San Michele

San Michele in Foro
San Michele in Foro - Credit: linearclassifier

Puccini’s birth place

Piazza Cittadella
Piazza Cittadella - Credit: Jen D

The Walls of Lucca

The Walls of Lucca
The Walls of Lucca - Credit: Greg, Sonya, Daniel, Julian & Michael

Piazza Napoleone

Teatro del Giglio

Piazza del Giglio
Piazza del Giglio - Credit: Gerry Labrijn

San Martino, the Cathedral

Lucca Duomo
Lucca Duomo - Credit: alphaorionis

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