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Amiata woods of beech trees
Photo © Ambito Amiata
Photo © Ambito Amiata

Forest bathing, nature and well-being: regenerate on the Mount Amiata

The ancient Tuscan volcano is an ideal land to regenerate

by  Amiata

A combination of woods and rocks, in a territory forged by the ancient fire of the volcano: for centuries Amiata has been a land capable of connecting man to nature, promoting physical and mental regeneration.

Since the time of the Etruscans, the mountain has been considered a sacred place, the home of the gods; today the largest wood of beech trees in Europe is here, while chestnut woods cover the slopes and the natural area of ​​the Wildlife Park extends across Mount Labbro.

If you love unspoiled nature and want to regenerate, Amiata is ready to welcome you!

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    Forest Bathing in the Amiata Beech Forest
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    Mount Labbro: nature and spirituality
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    A hot bath in the thermal baths of Bagni San Filippo

Forest Bathing in the Amiata Beech Forest

Forest bathing in the Amiata wood of beech trees
Forest bathing in the Amiata wood of beech trees - Credit: Ambito Amiata

Walking in the woods helps oxygenate the body and there are places where these benefits are even greater, such as woods of beech trees.

According to some scientific studies, walking in the woods of beech trees in summer allows you to obtain therapeutic effects for the body, particularly for the immune system. A practice that helps reduce stress: It is the so-called Forest bathing.

The wood of beech trees of Mount Amiata is the largest in Europe and allows you to immerse yourself in long, regenerating hikes among its trees. The advice is to walk for at least 3-4 hours, in full relaxation, alternating walking and resting.

Choose from the many paths, which start from the main villages, and immerse yourself in the embrace of nature. A regenerating experience particularly suitable for those who want to escape stressful city life and find contact with nature and with themselves.

Mount Labbro: nature and spirituality

Amiata Faunistic Park
Amiata Faunistic Park - Credit: Guido Bernardo Pappagallo

Located on the southwestern side of Amiata, Mount Labbro is the kingdom of unspoiled nature.
Here is located the Mount Labbro Nature Reserve with the Wildlife Park, a real haven for species such as the Apennine wolf, fallow deer, roe deer and numerous birds of prey.

There are many paths for the exploration of the park, in close contact with nature: starting from the base and climbing up, meeting the enclosures that house the animals, up to the top, where in the 19th century the community of Davide Lazzaretti, “the prophet of Amiata”, erected the Giurisdavidica Tower.

The remains of the tower are still today a destination for hikers and trekking lovers, also for the splendid view that can be enjoyed.

A hot bath in the thermal baths of Bagni San Filippo

Bagni San Filippo
Bagni San Filippo - Credit: Ambito Amiata

Nothing like a bath in thermal waters helps regenerate body and spirit. The ancient volcano in Tuscany, Amiata, is also renowned for its thermal springs.

The most famous are those located at the foot of the mountain, Bagni di San Filippo. Immersed in the woods, freely accessible to all, the thermal water springs reach up to 48 degrees in some points and are perfect for relaxing in any season.

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