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Photo ©Velia Ivaldi

A walk to discover one of the most romantic cities in Tuscany

What to see and do in Lucca in one day

Visit the Cathedral of San Martino

San Martino Cathedral, Lucca
San Martino Cathedral, Lucca - Credit: C. D'Aliasi

Explore the streets of the historic centre

Lucca from the Guinigi Tower
Lucca from the Guinigi Tower - Credit: C. D'Aliasi

Have an aperitivo in piazza del Anfiteatro

Piazza dell'Anfiteatro
Piazza dell'Anfiteatro - Credit: Velia Ivaldi

Visit the Giacomo Puccini Museum

Statue of Puccini in Lucca
Statue of Puccini in Lucca - Credit: Velia Ivaldi

Walk hand in hand along the old walls

Lucca city walls
Lucca city walls - Credit: C. D'Aliasi
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