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Tuscan Easter Menu

Easter is around the corner! And Tuscanycious wishes you happy holidays suggesting a tasty Easter menu ;) These recipes are all made by ingredients in season in Tuscany, so they are perfect not only for your Easter menu, but also for a Spring lunch.
Chicken liver crostini [Photo credits: Foodphoto Italy]
Chicken liver crostini [Photo credits: Foodphoto Italy]


A dish of mixed cold cuts and cheeses is always a good and simple starter. For great occasions and holidays Tuscan families use to prepare chicken liver crostini. We have created an instructional video for the preparation of the classic Tuscan antipasto.


If you want to offer a full menu (including starter, first and second course) you could prepare a quick Spring pasta sauce with seasonal vegetables or a fake ragù to top your pasta dish (better to stay light waiting for the main dish). If you have a plenty of time you could make classic spinach and ricotta ravioli with a light vegetables sauce or simply seasoned with butter and sage.


In Tuscany,  lamb is the most important course of the Easter feast.  Peas are one of the pleasures of spring and the best time to find them on the market stalls is in April, together with the fresh garlic. So we suggest to prepare a quick roasted lamb (check Juls' kitchen recipe), with Florentine style peas (piselli alla Fiorentina) on the side.
Easter roasted lamb [Photo credits: Juls' Kitchen]
Easter roasted lamb [Photo credits: Juls' Kitchen]


And for the perfect finish a traditional Tuscan sweet rosemary bread, or Pan di Ramerino

Today's pan di ramerino (translates into bread of rosemary) is slightly different if compared to the traditional version that was prepared only during Lent and precisely on Holy Thursday.

In the past it was a large loaf – today it is shaped like smaller roundlike paninos. Traditionally during lent vendors would sell their loafs after they had been blessed inside the church. The crust of the bread was also signed by a cross that not only served as a religious symbol but as we all know also to help leaven the loaf.

Do you have a special Easter menu? Write your answer in the comments below :)