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Fagioli all'uccelletto

Prato, Local cooking

The specialties of the town

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 It isn't easy to define a “Pratese cuisine” - and it may not even be a good idea to try to confine it too strictly. It is perhaps most famous for the classic pappa al pomodoro to pappardelle with duck or gosling, not to mention the peposo of Carmignano, the classic Tuscan mixed fry, or pescatrice al guazzettoAs much as it is a part of the Tuscan, it is characterized by certain particularities and pleasant variants

Some historic documents give us the chance to reconstruct some elements of Pratese cuisine. An 11th century document indicates that during the time of the Comune the Pratese ate little meat, and that it was mostly lamb, pork, chicken and wild game – beef was almost completely absent from their diet. Fish from the Bisenzio River was also popular. Meat was, in any case, reserved for the tables of the well off, while peasants and the poorer elements of the population substituted meat with bread made with local grains and cereals.

The gardens and fields were dedicated to lettuce, celery, squash, beans, root vegetables, fennel, onions, cantaloupe and watermelon. To this day this variety is represented in the local cuisine, and traditional dishes are still served in the restaurants, and the flavours first enjoyed centuries ago can still be tasted, even if they have been updated over the years to satisfy modern tastes.
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Valle del Bisenzio
The Prato area lies between the ridges of the Calvana mountains and the forests on the nearby Apennines. This territory is home to ancient culture and traditions, dotted with villages that were founded as rural Roman settlements. ...
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Valle del Bisenzio