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In summer season in Tuscany

Farmer's Markets are present around the Region where you can get the fresh produce listed beneath  (you'll also find a map, in the same post that will help you reach them) that are in season in Tuscany right now. Cucumbers -  cetrioli Play an important role in Panzanella. Zucchini - zucchine Loads of recipes, yet excellent when simply grilled and left to marinade with a garlic clove and some tuscan evoo. Tomatoes - pomodori Use them when ripe to prepare Pappa al Pomodoro. Zucchini blossoms - Fiori di Zucca A crunchy delight if  battered and fried! Red Onions from Certaldo - Cipolle Rosse di Certaldo Their history is long and important and they still remain at the center of a variety of tuscan specials like the above mentioned panzanella or the francesina... Eggplant - Melanzane Eggplant is just beginning to stay tuned for tips, history and recipes with eggplant... And lots of mixed herbs that every family has in their garden or even on their balconies. I took these pics using my i-phone in Cerbaia's "Utòpia" Festival where there was a contest for the most beautiful veg basket taking place!