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From Pisa Airport to Pisa Centrale train station

How to move once you land in Pisa

Pisa International Airport is about 1 km far from Pisa Centrale, the city main train station, from which you can easily get to Florence and to any other railway network destination in Tuscany and in Italy. 

The airport and the railway station are connected by the PisaMover, a high-speed shuttle service that runs every day from 6 a.m. to midnight, every 5/8 minutes. The average travel time between the airport and the station is about 5 minutes, including the intermediate stop San Giusto/Aurelia, a parking area.

The PisaMover stop at the airport is right outside the Passenger Terminal, while the stop in the train station is by the former platform 14 (accessible through the underground pedestrian passageways of Pisa Centrale).

Pisa airport
Pisa airport - Credit: Toscana Aeroporti

The PisaMover fares are 5 euro for the single ticket and 10 euro for the return ticket.
Tickets can be purchased from the automatic machines that can be found by the 3 PisaMover stops, from Trenitalia authorized ticket offices (tickets in combination with rail journeys) and from the company’s ticket office (San Giusto/Aurelia station, every day from 8.30am to 6pm).
Tickets are valid 30 days from the date of issue (with the exception of the ones in combination with train tickets).

For more information check out "Flying to Tuscany", our short guide to the airports of Pisa and Florence.

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