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Exploring Tuscany: ideas for adventurers of all ages

Caves, canyons, hanging parks and enchanting gardens for the entire family

by  Ciclica

The nature of exploration in Tuscany is for everyone, especially families and young children. From adventure parks to caves thousands of years old, the range of activities is vast, ready to satisfy the interests of all those looking to go big and have fun in total safety.

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    Prehistoric adventures
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    Between earth and sky
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    The underground world
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    The skeleton rooms
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    Canyon adventures
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    Tarot and mosaics

Prehistoric adventures

In the heart of the Garfagnana, close to the Apuan Alps, the Selva del Buffardello adventure park offers itineraries designed for families. For the explorers of tomorrow, the prehistoric village set up in the park offers educational, fun activities and workshops that introduce young adventurers to how to live alongside nature. A day with the family that you’re sure to remember. 

Between earth and sky

There are many places in Tuscany that offer mid-air pathways, hanging platforms and Tibetan bridges suitable for the whole family. Vincigliata on the hills of Fiesole, with a view of Florence, the Indiana Park in the lush Val di Chiana and Saltalbero in the woods of Monte Amiata are just a few of the adventure parks where adults and children can experience what it’s like to run across the sky, all in complete safety.

Saltalbero adventure park
Saltalbero adventure park - Credit: Parco Avventura Saltalbero

The underground world

The karst caves of Equi highlight the memory of Earth thousands of years ago. Open to tourists and visitors, these caves contain wells, rooms and underground lakes and streams, as well as a great many bones that attest to the ancient presence of man and animals, like cave bears. This is a fascinating place that will interest adults and children alike.

Karst caves of Equi
Karst caves of Equi - Credit: Enrico Bottino

The skeleton rooms

The Museum of Natural History at the University of Pisa, in Calci, is one of the oldest museums in the world. It’s home to many themed rooms that conserve vast and incredible collections, some of which are shrouded in mystery: the enormous skeletons of whales that went extinct thousands of years ago, surprisingly found in the mountains, introduce visitors to the immense beauty of evolution.

Museum of Natural History in Calci
Museum of Natural History in Calci - Credit: Hectonichus

Canyon adventures

The Canyon Park was established around the fascinating canyons in the Val di Lima. Here, visitors are totally surrounded by nature: the thrill of finding yourself suspended in a ropeway over the Lima river blends with the excitement of being transported by the current, before choosing to relax and be in sync with the environment practicing SUP and yoga. This is the ideal place for experiencing nature in its entirety.

Suspended over a canyon
Suspended over a canyon - Credit: pagina FB Val Di Lima

Tarot and mosaics

In Capalbio, the artist Niki de Saint Phalle opened a magical place, made of mirrors, mosaics and strange figures: the Tarot Garden is an attraction and a surprise, where the Arcana, though they don’t predict the future, observe and accompany the visitor on a route that winds down pathways and through buildings with strange forms and unusual corner, inviting you to explore every hidden corner.

Tarot Garden
Tarot Garden - Credit: Falk Lademann

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