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Riding through the museums on the Etruscan Coast

Sea view itinerary to learn about the history of the area and its Etruscan origins

This loop itinerary around the Cecina River takes us on a discovery of the history of the area.

Along the way we stop to visit the Archeological Museum set up inside the 18th-century Villa Guerrazzi. The Museum traces the history of the valley in a sort of journey from the Paleolithic age to the Roman age, with a special focus on the Etruscan people. Inside the Villa we can also visit the Museo della Vita e del Lavoro, which collects the tools of peasant work in the northern Maremma.

A must-see is the Archeological Park of the Roman villa of San Vincenzino, a Roman building built from the second half of the first century B.C. on the model of the urban villa. Particularly striking is a visit to the large subterranean cistern, which is entirely accessible.

Viewpoints along the banks make for a very pleasant tour, especially at sunset.


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