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Wines and gastronomy on the Island of Elba

Stoccafisso (stockfish), schiaccia briaca cake and DOC wines are just some of the island’s specialities

From the sea
Elba has been a real melting pot for different culture and peoples throughout history and this is evident in its cuisine. Ancient wisdom and modern passion for cooking come together on the island to produce unforgettable dishes. Local cuisine is simple, healthy and delicious, with vegetables and fish forming the base of most dishes. The island’s most important dishes are Stoccafisso alla riese, Sburrita di baccalà, Zeri ammarinati, boiled squid, il Gurguglione and Schiaccia briaca.

Elban wines have an age-old tradition
Plinius the Old defined the island as "Insula vini ferax", that is "Wine productive island". Elban wine cheered up the banquets of the Popes in Medieval times, while in the eighteenth century many ships carried it to the most important European ports. "Elba bianco" and "Elba rosso" both boast the DOC quality certification. "Procanico" (white) and "Sangioveto" (red) are the strongest wines made on the island, while "Moscato" and "Aleatico" are ideal for desserts. Nowadays Elban wines - perfect if tasted with the local cuisine - deserve much more consideration than they have had in the past. Many dessert wines, such as Ansonica Passita, Moscato and Aleatico, have receive prizes and awards from the international wine press.

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