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PDO Honey from Lunigiana

Wine, olive oil and honey

A honey without rivals, and prestigious DOP status

The honey of the Lunigiana region is unequalled in Italy and is part of daily life in the Lunigiana: honey is a key ingredient in local recipes and alternative medicines and the wax is used for making candles.
The almost complete lack of pollution in the area makes it a natural for apiculture, as does the sequenced flowering and precious vegetal essences in the area: these factors combine for a product that is qualitatively better than the natural averages. 
The DOP classification for Lunigiana honey is reserved for two types: acacia honey and chestnut honey.

The acacia honey of the Lunigiana remains clear and fluid for a long time, though  at times it appears cloudy due to an incomplete crystallization process.
It is light in colour, from almost colourless to a straw yellow.
It has a light perfume, slightly fruity and similar to acacia flowers. It is decisively sweet with a very slight acidity. Its aroma is delicate, with hints of vanilla and it leaves no aftertaste. 

The chestnut honey stays runny for a long time though at times it crystallizes late and incompletely.
A dark amber with reddish tones, the honey has a strong, penetrating perfume.
A persistent flavour with bitter components that vary according to the crop and an aftertaste that is similar to its smell.

The honey should be kept in a cool dark place. It can be eaten straight out of the jar, spread on a slice of Tuscan bread, or used as an ingredient in sweet recipes