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Casciana Terme

In the heart of the Tuscan countryside is an ancient and elegant thermal centre

Set in the beautiful Tuscan hills, Casciana Terme represents, with its more than one thousand years of history, one of those many little masterpieces that the centuries-old Tuscan people has contributed to building and preserving.
Its origins are shrouded in a romantic legend that dates back to the times of Countess Matilde di Canossa. The noblewoman owned an old, bent and aching blackbird who loved to fly away from the ancestral dwelling every day, each time coming back more sprightly. The countess saw him dive into a pool of hot water and it was then that she understood the reason for her faithful pet’s rejuvenation.

The countess also started to bathe in those portentous waters, allowing her to alleviate the ailments of old age and the annoying symptoms of the gout with which she suffered. Legendary digression aside, the Countess Matilde started the development of the spas and therefore to the exploitation of the power of those waters, with the building of infrastructures and important embellishment works. The hot water of Casciana is nicknamed Acqua Mathelda and comes from the source at a constant and natural temperature of 35.7°C.


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