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Volterra and the Valdicecina by bike

Riding from Valdera and the Pisan Hills to the Cliffs of Volterra and the Val di Cecina

With its nearly 50 kilometers of ascent for 2280 meters of elevation gain, this is certainly one of the most challenging routes in the Terre di Pisa.

Leave Casciana Terme heading south to reach Chianni slightly uphill.

The second climb of the day will take you, with its gradual ascent, into Valdicecina, to the small village of Miemo, which together with Montecatini Val di Cecina (which we will cross at the end of the third climb) and its mine is part of a magnesium and copper mining basin decommissioned at the beginning of the last century.

On the following descent, which is very scenic, the view sweeps at 360 degrees over the rolling hills of the area overlooked by the town of Volterra, perched on rugged crags and gullies, whose Etruscan origins date back to the 7th century B.C. In Volterra, make a stop to catch your breath and enjoy an espresso in Piazza dei Priori, which is a must before descending the 10 km back down toward the Valdera. 

And here is a new climb that, after the first steep ramp, proceeds smoothly, wide and scenic and leads you just after Castagno locality to the highest point of the stage (543 meters).

A few climbs and descents then take you to San Vivaldo and Castelfalfi, from where about ten kilometers of flat road will take you to the last short climb, then a few more kilometers and Casciana Terme will be there waiting for you.


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