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The Chapel della Compagnia della Santissima Annuziata

Chianni’s chapel hosts frescos by Giovan Battista Tempesti

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Visitors to Chianni can discover beautiful frescoes by Giovan Battista Tempesti. You surely won’t want to miss a visit to the noteworthy Chapel della Compagnia della Santissima Annunziata. It was probably built in the early eighteenth century as part of an expansion project designed to enlarge the parish. The structure is especially noteworthy due to mosaic decorations that cover the ceiling’s wide barrel vault and the chapel’s walls. This cycle of frescoes was created by Pisan painter Giovan Battista Tempesti in 1739. In the vault, you can see paintings representing ‘The Eternal Father’, ‘The Nativity of Christ’ and ‘The Assumption of the Virgin’. Surrounding the central episode, you’ll find several interesting monochrome figures, including the four prophets—Isaiah, Habakkuk, David and Michaea. On the altar, which dates back to 1750, you’ll see two statues depicting the Annunciation, which represent the Madonna and the Archangel Gabriel; they are both in gesso and painted enamel.
(Source: Pisa Tourist Information Office)


Between oil and boar, the perfect place for gastronomic tours
Chianni is a medieval town with Etruscan origins, which used to be fought for between the bishop of Volterra and the Republic of Pisa, before passing definitively to the control of Florence. In an area surrounded by hills and woods, Chianni is the ideal place for lovers of enogastronomic and panoramic tours. ...