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San Giuliano Terme - Terre di Pisa
Photo © ©jovannig -
Photo © ©jovannig -

Relax at the thermal baths in Terre di Pisa

Discovering Bagni di Pisa and Terme di Casciana. Among pools, beauty farms, wellness treatments and stories from the past.

Dive into the pools of thermal water, relax, pamper yourself at the beauty farm. If you need to relax and revitalize yourself, Terre di Pisa is the right destination, with Bagni di Pisa and Terme di Casciana.

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    Bagni di Pisa in San Giuliano Terme
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    Terme di Casciana in Casciana Terme

Bagni di Pisa in San Giuliano Terme

Bagni di Pisa
Bagni di Pisa - Credit: ©Bagni di Pisa

We are in San Giuliano Terme, a village between Pisa and Lucca. We are on the slopes of Mount Pisano, at Bagni di Pisa. Both the exterior and the interior of the structure tell us something of the past. In 1743, the Grand Duke of Tuscany chose this place as his summer thermal residence. A destination much loved by the nobility and the world of culture. Among the illustrious guests are George IV of England, Percy and Mary Shelley, Carlo Goldoni.

Today's appearance, with reference to the frescoes and decor, is still that of the time of kings and queens.

The lounges, the colonnade of the Kaffehaus that rises on the hill, among the olive trees, the thermal grotto, the beauty farm and the "Baths" create a unique atmosphere, able to restore your well-being.

About the "Baths", the waters of the spring flow at a temperature of 38 ° and are collected in two groups called Levante (the spa) and Ponente (the wellness center).

The beauty farm is open as a health center: the therapeutic services of thermal mud, balneotherapy and aerosol are available.

Among the initiatives to be reported, there are the "Nights at the Baths", which provide extraordinary evening openings.

Terme di Casciana in Casciana Terme

Terme di Casciana
Terme di Casciana - Credit: ©Terme di Casciana

Moving to Casciana Terme Lari, a little more than a 40-minute drive by car, we find another place for wellness: the Terme di Casciana

Here there are two centers, that of the Beauty farm and that of Villa Borri, a manor residence dating back to 1700.

The water at the Terme di Casciana has a constant temperature of 36°. The outdoor swimming pool is really very large: 500 square meters wide and 1.30 meters deep, which make it suitable even for children.

The pleasant temperature seems to contribute significantly to the curative and beneficial properties of the water. According to legend, the Countess Matilde di Canossa, during her stay at the fortress of Parlascio in Casciana Terme, used to have fun with a trained blackbird, which one day fell ill. After some time, the blackbird miraculously came back healed. The countess noticed that the blackbird would often bathe and drink in the waters of a stream. So, she dived into the water, enjoying immediate benefits. Matilde then decided to build, in 1112, a place for public baths for the benefit of those suffering from rheumatism.

Of the original structure we can still admire the facade, the Grand Café with splendid frescoes and the old Casino, today a conference center and location for ceremonies.

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