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The most important ski resort in the Apennines

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Developed along the Modenese road and inaugurated in 1778, the area derives its name from a large pine that was cut down to open the road, near the pass of the same name. In the highest point where the road cuts away, the two stone Pyramids rise, built perhaps with a project by Leonardo Ximenes, that single out the pass and the old boundary between the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the Duchy of Modena.

Frequented by skiing pioneers from the beginning of the 20th century, Abetone knew areal touristic peak in the 1930s when the engineer Lapo Farinati degli Uberti started the project of a great ski resort, that then remained incomplete when war broke out, with the building of the imposing stone hotel of the Val di Luce

In more recent years, Abetone has been a long-time protagonist of sports news thanks to the success of the ski champions Zeno Colò, Celina Seghi and Vittorio Chierroni.Today it is the most important Apennine ski station, with an area of about 50kilometres of slopes, through four valleys, Sestaione, Lima, Scoltenna and Luce, which are connected with snow-covered (even artificially) slopes and ski-lifts. They range from 1200 metres to a total of 1950.
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